Pastors & Staff

Lead Pastors

Stephanie Pitkin

Stephanie is the lead pastor at LS Church and does the majority of our preaching. (Hence the hashtag #mypastorsagirl) She’s worked here since 1981. Well, kind of. Her parents, Pastors Al and Judy Jandl founded the church in 1974. She has been a part of the vision ever since. She has an impressive eye for design and manages to stay organized while being a mom to five children.

James Pitkin

James is the lead pastor and creative director at LS Church. He came to the church in 2005. He is involved creatively in all our campus ministries and helps bring vision to the entire campus. When he’s not creating things for the church, he enjoys video games and all things Youtube.


Wes Owens

Campus Pastor

Wes is a campus pastor at LS Church. He leads worship, coordinates service, preaches, and provides the staff with comic relief. He has three children. And, his hobbies include playing golf, going hunting and watching his kids play basketball.


Kelly Owens

Executive Assistant

Kelly is an executive assistant at LS Church. Wearing many hats, she leads worship, oversees the women’s ministry, plans events, and much more. She even wrangles in Wes. Just kidding! In her off time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and her husband.


Bunk Sanders

Campus Pastor

Bunk is our campus pastor and Jack-of-all trades. He has worked as a youth pastor and kids pastor. Now, he does a little bit of everything including overseeing LS Kids, LS Groups and mission trips. A master of office shenanigans, he is a staff favorite and will jump on the opportunity to tell you about Michael Jordan.


Jessica Gilcrease

Volunteer Coordinator

Do you need to know something? Jessica is your lady! She is the director of operations at LS Church. Her primary role is to makes things happen. Some of her favorite things include naps, snuggling with her pets, and going on adventures.


Rod Anderson

Campus Pastor

Rod is a campus pastor and camp director. He is a clutch player for LS Church and is always ready to help whenever there’s a need. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching war movies, and being serious.


Jordan Highburger

Communications Manager

Our cherry on top, Jordan is the communications manager at LS Church. She coordinates all church communications from print to social media. She loves coffee, Disney, plants, and all things neutral.


Lydia Blagg


Lydia has worked as a bookkeeper for LS Church for more than 20 years. She loves working with spreadsheets and crunching numbers as well as taking spur-of-the-moment beach getaways! A child at heart, she oversees our KidZone Preschool area and is known to have more fun than the kids.


Rebecca Showalter

Facility Manager

When it comes to creativity, Rebecca has us covered! Known for her crafting and eye for detail, she manages our facilities and helps with events inside the building. She is a mother of five. And, her hobbies include trying new recipes, working out, and anything related to health and wellness.


Jeremy Blagg

School Student Dean

Jeremy is the Student Dean for LS Christian School leading students in junior high and high school. Serving in every role from camp intern to youth pastor, he has been involved in youth ministry for more than two decades. His greatest loves are his wife and their three rowdy boys.


Brenda Rather

Family Care

A LS Staff member for more than 20 years, Brenda is one of our ministry coordinators. She facilitates family care ministries including prayer requests, benevolence, and hospital visitation. She has a passion for people and helping families through difficult times. She also loves to travel!


Jimmy Smith

Campus Assistant

Jimmy is our campus assistant. He splits his time between various projects at LS Church and Victory Camp. Having a knack for audio and lighting, he helps on the production team during Wednesday and Sunday service. He also goes by DJ Scribblez on the weekend and has an unhealthy affinity for Dr. Pepper.


Craig Dailey

Audio Engineer

The newest addition to our production team, Craig is our lead audio engineer. A long-time musician, he brings more than ten years of experience to the team. He also has an uncanny resemblance to our old sound guy.

Other Ministry Leaders here on Campus


Jessica Sanders

Christian School Principal

To learn more about our Christian School here on campus, visit or call (281)331-0086


Rod Anderson

Victory Camp Administration

To learn more about Victory Camp, visit or call (281)388-CAMP.


Shana Anderson

Victory Camp Administration

To learn more about Victory Camp, visit or call (281)388-CAMP.


Courtney Fregia

Precious Stones Daycare Administration

Precious Stones is located inside the church facility.  To learn more about the Daycare, visit or call (281)756-0990.

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