Living Stones Christian School

Living Stones Christian School has a mission of building future leaders through the organization of private education. Our school mission is to educate the minds of children, using a Bible based curriculum and innovative programs; to build their bodies through physical education and team sports; and to empower their spirits in an environment conducive to character development and spiritual growth.

Living Stones Christian School is a ministry of LS Church. Since 1974, LS Church has served this community, as well as, surrounding communities in effort to create an environment for people to flourish, discovering who they were created to be and how to activate their purpose.

Victory Camp

We are an inter-denominational camp serving a variety of churches and groups. Our desire is that every camper attending Victory Camp will have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ.  Our foundation is rooted in a true revelation of Jesus. We believe revelation comes from a genuine relationship with your Creator. Relationship with Jesus is what restores and inspires us to follow Him. | John 15:5

Our unique facilities, recreational activities and friendly staff set the stage for this great summer camp experience.

Precious Stones Day Care

Precious Stones is a Christian, preschool-based childcare center which focuses on promoting Christian values. We will partner with our parents in providing care for your children as we offer the best alternative we can to your own loving home. We count it as a privilege to be given the opportunity to reinforce a well-structured positive atmosphere.

We are interested in your child’s total development, and we are committed to providing you and your child with the best education and development possible. We believe that each child is a gift from God. Our goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for all our precious children.

The Christmas Train

Each Christmas season hundreds of volunteers from LS Church come together to setup and host the Christmas Train at Victory Camp in Alvin. The event began back in 2000, and over the years has quickly become one of the Houston areas favorite Christmas events. The train is open to the public and all ages are welcome.

Victory Camp, which is the winter home of The Christmas Train, was founded in 1992 with one goal in mind – reaching the next generation. Several years after the opening of Victory Camp, an opportunity arose for a train from the San Antonio zoo to be purchased. In the summer of 1999, “Old Smokey” would move to his new home at Victory Camp and help welcome the first year of the Christmas Train.

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