Don’t do life alone! We believe that life change happens in the context of relationships, and here at LS Church we want you connected in life-giving relationships.  Groups provide a place to grow in your faith, create life-long relationships and connect with people who you can do life with.

A key aspect of our LS Church’s community, groups mostly meet monthly in the home of a group member (usually the leader’s home). Other groups are activity or interest based and meet at designated meeting spaces, like parks or restaurants.

Support Groups

People with the same issues come together to share coping strategies, to feel more empowered, and for a sense of community.

Grow Groups

Generally held in homes, these groups create a space for people to intentionally share their lives with others, to grow spiritually together, and to encourage each other.

Activity Groups

People connect through common interests, hobbies or lifestyles. They go on trips together or meet at designated meeting spaces like parks or restaurants.

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