LS Church History

It all started in the early part of 1974 when Pastors Al and Judy Jandl and a group of young people started having “church” in a local home.

They had an unpopular, radical view of God that was unexplored at the time. That view is what compelled them to push forward and create what we now know as LS Church in 1975. From the beginning, we were focused on doing church in a new, cool way to reach the community.

1976 church
1982 church
dome 1986

Over the years, LS Church called several unconventional places its home. Then in 1976, the church purchased the former First Christian Church located at Sidnor and Taylor Streets in Alvin. Adults and families began to mix with the fired-up youth, and once again the church was packed. After three years in downtown Alvin, LS Church purchased five acres of land on the northeast side of town, and construction began on a 500-seat building. The morning the new facility opened, it was full.

From the beginning, we were focused on doing church in a new, cool way to reach the community. Over the last four decades, we’ve expanded our campus, founded a Christian school, built a children’s summer camp and convention center, and started a public daycare. Basically, we’ve done everything we can to make this place a crazy, cool place for families to experience the love of God.

When you look at the history of our church one thing is clear: we have a heart for young people. It’s on that foundation that we’re building our future. Today we are on a mission to reach those that desire a real authentic relationship with Jesus. We stand in amazement at what God started in this church many years ago. It’s on this launching pad that we dream of how God will use us in the years to come. So, here’s to the past, to each everyone who has been a part of this journey. THANK YOU! And, here’s to our future. GOD HAS MORE!

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