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Continuing Education is for anyone wanting to grow. Classes will vary in topics like marriage, spiritual foundations, finance, parenting, etc.


Get to know people, life is better with others!  Be intentional about getting around people that encourage and build you up as you follow God!


The coffee shop will be open for anyone wanting to come and hangout, study, relax, have conversation, etc. Open from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

May Classes

LS Church


Starting with the Patriarch Abraham & Through the Psalms

5 Weeks | May 3-31| 7-8pm | Instructor: Jack berry

We will study the Psalms and other books in the bible, and dive in to how and why Jesus and other biblical giants prayed.

LS Church


Fellowship with God

5 Weeks | May 3-31 | 7-8pm | Instructor: Wes Owens

True Christianity is more than a creed – It’s something that can be known an dfelt. Join us as we walk thorugh this letter to gain further insight on how to walk in felowship with God and what it means to truly lov eother in the process.

LS Church

Discipleship Club

Kids Grades 1st-5th

Every Wednesday Night | 7-8pm

Join us Wednesdays at 7pm at Discipleship Club! We’re going to travel into God’s Word and discover all the amazing things He has for us. As we continue to explore God and get ready for the voyage He is taking us on, we are excited for the adventure ahead! We hope you’re ready, because the adventure awaits!

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