These short classes are tailored to you no matter where you are on your journey at LS Church. They are also self-guided. So, what’s mean? It means you can go through them at your own pace. While you can choose which class or classes are for you, we encourage you check out all three classes so you can really connect with what we’re doing here at LS Church. And, click HERE to tell us when you’ve completed the CORE Classes.

101 Basics

So, you’ve received salvation — salvation means accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.  Now what? We’ll answer that question and outline some of the fundamentals of getting to know Jesus. Watch this video then check out the notes below for more information on salvation, water baptism and growing your relationship with Jesus.

201 Beliefs

Are you new here? Or do you just want to know more about our beliefs and what makes us tick? This class is for you! Take a look at this video as we dive into the past, present and future of LS Church. We’ll also discuss our mission statement and seven core values.

301 Become

Become is all about giving of yourself because we believe generosity is our privilege.  Check out this video to find out about our service teams that make it happen every Sunday. Then what? Make a choice you make to give, connect and serve. It’s that easy! And, click HERE to tell us when you’ve completed the CORE Classes.

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